For Realtors

For Realtors

May 3, 2022 2022-07-21 9:37

Increase your sales effectiveness.

Join Realtors and real estate agents using Picafi for their digital business cards.

When clients save your digital card details to their phone, they are engaged and committed to hearing from you again. Focus on these committed clients to close more sales.

Picafi cards help you to grow your network faster and more efficiently.


Grow your network.


Capture more leads

Everyone you share your card with can be followed up with later. Picafi cards improve lead generation and networking because they create a digital record of who you meet.


Get more referrals

Your clients carry your Picafi card on their phone  wherever they go. When they want to refer you – your digital card is one tap away.


Build your brand

Picafi cards can link to your website, social media, calendar, listings and more. Let your clients get to know you better in their own way.

Distribute your content/Brochures

Your clients can download the brochuers on one click at anytime and from anywhere. Now no need to wait your clients for project details.

Take people through project walkthroughs

You can add project walkthrough videos on Picafi card and clients can watch your project videos on digital card itself.

Send project related Push Notifications

You can send notifications to all your clients at a time related to project updates at anytime and from anywhere. 



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