For Enterprises

For Enterprises

May 4, 2022 2022-07-21 9:44

Enterprise-grade solution.

Picafi is designed to help you build quality connections and improve sales efficiency with a savvy marketing tool.

Paper business cards and hand shakes are not acceptable in the world post COVID19. With our digital cards, we help transition your workforce to a contact-free business card solution that keeps your workforce safe, and your clients happy. Digital cards further remove the mystery from your ROI and help your employees nurture relationships from the get-go.


Why companies choose Picafi.

Built for Enterprise

You’re in good hands. We are the largest digital business card platform in India. Our team is experienced and we understand enterprise needs.

Fully Customizable

Picafi has been designed to let your brand shine and look at its best reach and every time – no excuses.

Employee Permissions 

Consistency across company cards is crucial. Employee permissions make it easy to manage templates and access levels so you’re always on-brand.


How we define success.

When teams switch from paper to our digital cards, they typically see an improvement in sales performance and client satisfaction. 

Sustainability and cutting your printing costs is just the cherry on top. 

To ensure transition success and improvement in sales performance, we run a structured 3-month pilot program which allows us to optimise the solution for your particular requirements with a group of your employees.

We have on-boarded hundreds of enterprise teams over the past six years, each have unique challenges like distributed teams, cultural nuances and branding needs.

Success is defined by your key business metrics.


Privacy, Security & Trust.

Picafi takes your privacy seriously. Your Picafi card can only be seen by you and the people you have shared your card with. You can view our Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions for more information. Picafi will never sell or share your data – your details are only shared when you explicitly share them.

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