March 11, 2022 2022-07-22 4:59

Picafi Digital Card Business Cards Features

Truly digital

As this business card is visible only in internet devices like mobile, email, etc. So there is no usage of paper in this. Hence we can say that it is truly digital as it supports all the ways that go works in saving nature.

Aligned to the Existing Branding

We understand how important branding is. Hence we align digital cards aligned to your branding specifications.

Fully Customizable

It is understood that the requirement of the card in terms of color and its other features will not remain the same. We have made it customizable for our clients. This is a very crucial part of the whole project. The person who will have a digital business card will get benefited because of this feature.

Detail Address

Sometimes it becomes very difficult for the company to send the complete address in one instance. Even the size of a regular card can act as a barrier to show it. So keeping this thing in mind we have designed it in such a way that it will be able to display the detailed address of the location.

Download Catalogue

Along with contact detail the cardholder can also send the catalogue to the receiver. The opposite person can download it in the phone. So we can say that it has got multiple benefits.

Save Contact to Phone

This product is embedded with one the finest feature i.e. save contact to phone directly that will be useful for many businesses.

Unlimited Sharing

The cardholder can use it n number of times i.e. they don’t have to pay on every sharing activity they make.

Multiple Accessible Links

This business card is linkable to multiple sites. This will help its user to communicate very well and open the doors for new opportunities. Moreover few of them are as follows:

  • Direct WhatsApp without saving your number
  • Google location
  • Call Information
  • Social Media
  • Catalog
  • Downloadable
  • Many More

Important Info Links

Other than the above-mentioned links there are many other things that will help to increase its usefulness. Moreover, we would say that it will make work of business very smooth. This is possible because this system has information like Bank Account Number and GST Number. So that it will assist its user in payment also.

Contact Photo

With this attribute one can get to recognize the person because his or her photograph is still kept on the card. This can be beneficial in the long run to remember the person.


Many industries want to go paperless. It could be small companies or large ones. They want to save nature. Keeping that thing in mind we have made such a business card that is paperless by nature.

Life Long

Unlike others this business card can use and modified throughout its life. This is possible as it is in a digital platform. Moreover, we won’t stop the functioning of our product once it has been ethically purchased.

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